Build Your Own Cheap Computer
Using Cheap Computer Parts

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To build your own cheap computer using cheap computer parts has now become extremely popular. This will allow you to build a 'kick-ass' cost-effective computer system.

You will become familiar with your cheap system and building computers in general.

Should you Build Your Own Cheap Computer?

If you have the desire to learn, you can! Buying a computer system is not as much fun as building your own.

If you decide that building a computer is not your 'thing', you can look at some cheap computer systems here.

Although your computer components may differ from the ones shown, the basic assembly is the same.

Tools you should have before you begin to build your cheap computer

You should also get the following:

  • Plastic tie wraps to tie cables together.
  • Some cardboard sheets to use as a working surface to prevent damage while building your computer.

Here are some tips and safety precautions before starting to build your cheap computer:

  • Read my Best Computer Guide to access information on getting the most suitable computer. Click here.
  • Do not purchase your computer parts until you have a complete list of all the required parts.
  • Get as large and fast a hard drive as you can possibly afford so as to enable future expansion.
  • Ensure that all the parts you require are compatible with the system you are building.
  • Never take your computer parts out of their anti-static bags until you are ready to install them. Keeping them in the bags will reduce static electricity damage.
  • Never force computer parts into place - If you have to force a part into place, it is possible that you are inserting the wrong component or installing it improperly. STOP and check to see what you are doing wrong before you continue to build your cheap computer.
  • Never open the power supply - The power supply has extremely high voltages inside which can be extremely dangerous so never open it.
  • Never work on your computer with the power on - Doing so can cause personal injury and damage your computer.
  • Never move your computer while it's powered on. Doing so could damage the hard drive.... due to the extremely close tolerances between the spinning disks.
  • Never plug or unplug data cables from spinning drives unless they are 'hot swappable'. Damage to the drive could result.

Remember to read this entire guide before building.

Steps to Build Your Own Cheap Computer
using Cheap Computer Parts

Let's Get Started...Please click on each of the steps below to go to the appropriate page for building details:

  1. Acquire Cheap Computer Part

  2. Prepare the Cheap Computer Case

  3. Examine Computer Motherboard

  4. Install Computer Processor (CPU) and Heat Sink/Fan

  5. Install Cheap Computer Memory

  6. Install Computer Motherboard in Computer Case

  7. Install Computer Internal Drives

  8. Connect Computer Front Panel Switches/LEDs/Speaker, etc.

  9. Connect ATX 20 or 24-Pin Power Supply Cable to Motherboard

  10. Install Cheap Computer Video Card

  11. Install Cheap Computer Sound Card

  12. Connect Computer Peripheral to Back Panel

  13. Post Assembly Check

  14. Test Run Your Cheap Computer System

  15. Configure Motherboard Bios

  16. Partition and Format Hard Drive

  17. Install Computer Operating System

To start to Build Your Own Cheap Computer,
Click Here to go to Step 1: Acquire Cheap Computer Part.

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