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How to Contact Us & About the Owner of this Website:

Cheap Computer SiteSearch:

If you are looking for cheap computers, computer parts and accessories, Click here to search.

Guide to Building Your Own Cheap Computer:

Building your own computer will be fun!

Build Cheap Computer
This page features a free step-by-step tutorial to build your own cheap computer using cheap computer parts. Click here to view the tutorial.

Barebone Computer Guide
If you do not want to build your computer from 'scratch', a Barebone is an alternative way!

Selecting and Buying Your Cheap Computer Parts Online:

Get the best deals when you buy your computer parts online and save money! There are cheap, high quality computer parts available online.

Computer Hardware Guide
Find out why you need computer hardware.

Cheap Computer Part Guide
This page provides a list of all the parts that you will need to build your own cheap computer.

Knowing Computer Parts
A comprehensive list of computer parts - Understanding how computer parts work.

Selecting and Buying Your Computer System Online:

There are a number of options available when choosing your computer system.

Buying a Computer System
This page has various links to other web pages which are designed to help to make buying a computer, its peripherals and accessories an easier task!

Cheap Computer Deals
Find out where to get Cheap Computer Deals online and SAVE!.

Get Cheap Computer Deals on eBay!
Get the best Cheap Computer Deals on eBay!.

Best Online Cheap Computer Retailers' Guide
Visit the best online Cheap Computer Retailers here and Save!

Cheap Computer System
This is a guide to choosing the best cheap computer system.

Cheap Laptop Computer
This page describes the advantages of having a laptop computer.

Refurbished and Recertified Computer Systems
This is a guide to selecting the best used cheap computer.

Setting Up Your Computer
After purchasing a pre-built or building your own cheap computer, you will need to set it up properly.

Selecting and Buying Your Computer Peripherals Online:

Computer Peripherals
Your peripherals are a must to make your computer functional!

Cheap Computer Monitor
This is a guide to choosing a good quality cheap computer monitor.

Cheap Computer Printer
This a guide to choosing a good quality cheap computer printer, inkjet cartridge and laser toner.

Keyboard and Mouse Guide
Your computer keyboard and mouse are the basic parts of your computer system. The type that you buy should be dependent on how often you use your computer.

Selecting and Buying Your Computer Accessories Online:

Your computer accessories enhance your system.

Cheap Computer Speaker
This is a guide for cheap Computer Speakers for games, music and movies.

Choosing a Surge Suppressor & UPS System
If you want to protect your computer from possible electrical damage, this page is for you.

Other Computer Accessories
For recreation, entertainment, communications and home security, view this page for Digital Cameras, Webcams, CD/DVD Burners and Home Automation.

Selecting and Buying Your Computer Software Online:

Computer Software Guide
Learn why you need computer software.

Cheap Computer Games
Computer Games is a fast growing hobby. Go here and look at a wide selection.

Learning About Your Computer & Security:

What is a Computer?
What is a computer? It is important to learn how your computer works.

Computer Protection
Various guides to help you to protect your computer from hackers and other malicious codes while surfing the Internet.

Computer Articles
Computer Articles covering various topics including 'how tos' and 'tips and tricks'.

Static Electricity and Your Computer
What is Static Electricity? Learn how to prevent it from damaging your delicate computer components.

Computer Terms Online Dictionary
This page features a glossary of computer terms and acronyms.

Cheap Computer Books
Some examples of the best computer books available for purchase online.

Cheap Computer Magazines
Some examples of the best computer magazines available for purchase online.

Important Items For Your Computer System and Work Area:

Here are some items that you should have to function properly while using your computer.

Cheap Internet Provider
If you are looking for a very cheap Internet Provider with NO banner ads and fast page loads, this page is for you!

Cheap Computer Desk
Guide to selecting a computer desk that is right for you.

Cheap Computer Chair
Guide to selecting a computer chair that is right for you.

Guide to Computer Ergonomics
Learn how to prevent serious health risks from Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).

My Favorite Computer Resources:

The Best Cheap Computer Networking for your Home and Office - Part 1
This page describes computer networking for your home/office.

The Best Cheap Computer Networking for your Home and Office - Part 2
This page describes how computer networking works for your home/office.

Cheap Computer Resources
Links to some of the best computer-related websites.

Other Important Information:

Build Your Own Cheap Computer Privacy Policy

About This Website - Make Money Online
Information on how I built this Website using an all-in-one site building, web hosting and web marketing tool that rates very highly with the Search Engines known as Solo Build It!

If you want profitable results in your online business, you need to use this fantastic tool. Head over here and click on this link to read about Solo Build It!

Work at Home - WAHM!, The Masters Course
The Course's authors will introduce you to a work solution that 'fits' your family's needs and yet is rewarding! Cheap Computer Guy highly recommends this eBook.

Technology News
Get important information including security issues and find out about the latest technology trend.

Shopping Online
This page features a selection of my favorite shopping online sites. Go there for your favorite gifts and other top-quality goods and services from popular stores.

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