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A computer system is always available but you will probably be totally confused as to which way to go.

Which Computer is right for you?

Getting the right system depends on what you will be using your computer for.

Most people use their computer for:

*  Surfing the Internet.
*  Sending and receiving e-mail.
*  Word Processing and spreadsheets.
*  Video editing.
*  Listening and recording music.
*  Playing games.

You will also have to consider one of the following choices:

  • Purchasing new.
  • Purchasing used.
  • Building your own own.
  • Purchasing a Barebones.

To make your decision, let us look at the above alternatives in detail:

Purchasing a New Cheap System

If you are one of those persons who do not want to build your own computer, you might want to consider buying a new system.

If you are planning to keep your computer for a few years, I would recommend that you spend a little more money and get a faster system and one that has future upgrading capabilities.

The disadvantage of purchasing a top-of-the-line computer is that you will pay a very high price for this system.

You can click here for a cheap computer system.

I recommend that you buy a computer with a mid-range processor; one that you are able to get at a very reasonable price.

Purchasing a Cheap Used System

Depending on how much you have to spend on your computer, you might want to look at a used system. You can get a cheap recertified desktop by clicking here and a recertfied laptop here.

Look at some cheap refurbished desktops here and refurbished laptops here.

A recertified/refurbished computer was returned by a customer. They are inspected for damage, necessary repairs made (if required) and then they are certified that they are in good working order. The computer is then re-packaged and it comes with a limited warranty. Click here to read about Recertified and Refurbished Computers.

Building Your Own Cheap Computer System

This is another great option and one that can be extremely rewarding!

Imagine building your own cheap computer using cheap computer parts .... your very own 'dream machine'?

Building your own computer is not difficult - you just need to thorougly read the tutorial before beginning to build your system.

You can view my free step-by-step tutorial here

Purchasing a Cheap Barebones System

A barebones computer is a partially-built system which you will complete by installing the remaining computer parts.

This is an alternative that should be considered by someone who would like to save money by building their own cheap computer but does not have the time and patience to start building their system from scratch.

View my Cheap Barebone Computer Guide here.

Making your final decision.....

From the information and choices given above, you should be able to make your final decision as to which cheap computer system you will acquire.

Click here and look at my Best Online Cheap Computer Retailers' Guide. This guide allows you to visit a number of the best online Cheap Computer Retailers.

If you would like to learn to Build Your Own Cheap Computer, browse here for all the steps in the Build Your Own Cheap Computer tutorial

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