Familiarizing yourself with
Cheap Computer Parts

Knowing about computer parts (components) before buying a pre-built system, upgrading your present system or building your own cheap computer is important.

Why? Because this knowledge will assist you in making the right choice.

Some people think that knowing how to use a computer is all that is required.

But to be able to properly use your computer, it is also important to have a basic undertanding about each component and their functions.

This knowledge will enable you to:

  • Select the right computer parts.
  • Install software correctly.
  • Properly maintain your system.
  • Connect peripherals to your PC.
  • Troubleshoot your system.

If you are purchasing a Barebones, only some of the listed components will be required. Click here to read about Barebone computers.

After determining your requirements, you will now find it much easier in deciding on what pre-built system you will need to purchase or, if you are upgrading or building your own cheap computer, what components you will need to acquire. Click here to read my Best Computer Guide.

The comprehensive list of computer components shown below should assist you in making the correct selections.

Clicking on each link will take you to another page on this Web site which will give you the required information.

Computer components that you will need:

These are mandatory if you are building your own computer:

Peripherals that you should acquire:

These are devices which will provide input and ouput for your computer system:

Accessories that I recommend:

Here are some accessories that will really make you enjoy your computer! You will be able to listen to your music, scan and print documents, take and print pictures with your digital camera, speak to and see your family and friends with your Web camera, view your favorite DVD movies, etc.

I highly recommend that you prioritize and get (even some of them) if you can!

Additional Computer Components that I recommend:

Although these components are not mandatory, they are still important and recommended:

Protection Equipment and Security Software:

Protecting your computer from viruses and hackers is extremely important. You should also prepare for possible loss of your electricity supply by purchasing a UPS backup system. See below:

Cheap Computer Components - Tools:

Your sensitive computer components will need to be protected from static electricity and you will need tools to repair or build your computer. See below:


Buying computer systems and components online is recommended since this is where you will get excellent quality systems and computer parts at the best available prices.

Click here for some cheap computer components deals.

Click here to view some cheap computer systems from various retailers.

Learn to build your own cheap computer
using cheap computer parts

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