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The word 'Modem' is a contraction of the words Modulator-Demodulator. It is typically used to send digital data over a phone line.

The sending modem modulates the digital data from the computer into a signal that is compatible with the phone line and the receiving one demodulates the signal back into digital data.

A modem allows computer terminals all over the world to communicate with each other over phone lines and TV cable.

You need a modem to be connected to the Internet

To get connected, you need to do so through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Check out my cheap Internet Provider guide here.

Being connected to the Internet allows you to:

  • Do shopping online.
  • Pay bills online.
  • Be able to view your bank and credit card statements online.
  • Send and receive emails thereby reducing the need for making expensive telephone calls.
  • Send and receive faxes.
  • Communicate with family and friends via a messenger service thus reducing your telephone bills.
  • Communicate via webcam and be able to see and hear your family and friends.
  • By connecting a headset to your soundcard, your computer can be used like a telephone to communicate long distance and internationally thereby reducing your telephone bills.
  • Fill out required applications via the Internet.
  • Search for and read articles of interest.

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Computer modems use the range of frequencies that were intended for RF television channels. This principle uses multiple cable modems connected to a main cable from the signal source on the same frequency band.

Conclusion .....

We have described some different types of modems available for Internet connection.

We do hope that you found this guide informative.

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