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A refurbished computer or a recertified computer is one which has been returned by a customer and is inspected, certified, re-packaged and offered for sale.

A refurbished or recertified computer means that the unit has been restored to a 'like new' condition. Where necessary, non-working parts are replaced with working parts.

There is a wide selection of cheap computers available online that have been refurbished or recertified.

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Buying a refurbished or recertified computer is a safe way to get a cheap used computer and they usually come with a limited warranty.

Depending on how much you might have to spend on a computer, you might want to look at one of these cheap systems as an alternative to purchasing a new computer.

A recertified or refurbished computer can be one that:

  • Has a manufacturing defect and is returned to the company; the unit is repaired, tested and returned as a refurbished or recertified product.

  • Someone purchased and returned it within the specified return time frame. The retailer may return the product to the manufacturer for re-inspection. It is re-packaged for sale as a recertified or refurbished product.

  • While shipping, the packaging is damaged and although the product is in perfect condition, it is returned to the manufacturer for re-inspection and re-packaging.

  • The PC has minor external damage such as a dent or a scratch. If re-packaged by the manufacturer, it can be sold as recertified or refurbished.

  • Is returned by the consumer because it was not the type that they wanted but they had opened the box.

  • Was a demonstration PC being returned to the manufacturers for re-checking and minor repairs and returned to retailers as refurbished or recertified.

A very good reason to consider purchasing a cheap refurbished or recertified computer would be the cost.

You can easily get one of these used systems with the same specifications as a new computer for much less money.

If you only need your computer for surfing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets then you can get a cheap used computer that has been refurbished or recertified (excluding a monitor) for under $400.00.

Another good reason for purchasing one of these used computers could be that you already bought an expensive computer and your family needs for a second computer is now urgent and you do not want to spend a lot of money on another computer. Why not buy a cheap refurbished or a recertified computer?

Which one should you buy?........

A Refurbished or Recertified Computer?

Since these systems are generally the same, it does not matter which one you buy.

Most systems come without a monitor but you can get one at a good price by clicking here.

Final Thoughts.....

Buying a refurbished or recertified computer is not as risky as you might think because most times these PCs are covered by limited warranty.

This could be your chance for purchasing a first or second cheap computer system for your home at a very affordable price!

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If you would like to learn to build your own cheap computer using cheap computer parts, you can click here to view the free step-by-step tutorial.

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