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Is Your Computer Running Without It?

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A Computer Firewall should be installed if you intend to be connected to the Internet.Connecting your computer to the Internet without using a firewall could result in it being hijacked by a hacker.

What is a Firewall and why do you need one?

A computer firewall is a security (protective) system which helps to block unauthorized Internet access to your computer. Todays firewalls are incorporated in antivirus security systems; hence, there is no need for a stand-alone firewall.

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It acts as a barrier (like a wall!) between your computer ports and the Internet and should close and hide ('stealth') all your unused ports. It allows you to control the data which passes to and from your ports.

Why should I use it?

Connecting your computer to the Internet without a firewall could result in it being hijacked by hackers.

Hijackers will use malicious codes such as viruses, worms and trojan horses to gain unauthorized access to unprotected/vulnerable computers.

A Computer Firewall is mandatory if you are going to be connecting to the Internet.

A large number of computer users do not realize how vulnerable they are to being attacked by Internet crooks. They, therefore, do not practice safe web surfing and this makes them vulnerable to the hacker.

Computer users need to protect their personal information and try to prevent their computers from being used by Internet crooks.

Get a Computer Firewall Installed Now

Using a firewall while being connected to the Internet should be your first step toward safer web surfing.

Types of Firewalls Available:

The three basic types of firewalls that are available are:

  • Software firewalls.
  • Hardware routers.
  • Wireless routers.

Note: Windows operating systems from XP up to Windows 10 have built-in firewalls which are turned on by default. If you are using another firewall, you will have to disable the built-in firewall.

Software Firewalls:
A software firewall is the most popular choice among individual computer users using single computers.

The advantage of this firewall is that it does not require any additional hardware or computer wiring. The disadvantage of this software is that it will only protect one computer; therefore, each additional computer at your disposal will need their own software installed thereby creating additional cost.

Hardware Routers:
This is the best choice for home computer networking connected to the Internet. If you are connecting more than one computers, you should install a hardware firewall.

Hardware firewalls usually provide firewall protection for a number of computers and generally consist of at least four network ports to connect to other computers. The disadvantage of this type of firewall is that it will require wiring.

Wireless Routers:
This allows you to connect a number of computers, peripherals and accessories without wiring.

If you will be using wireless networking, you will definitely need to be using a wireless router. The disadvantage of this type of router is that it uses radio signals and these signals might be captured externally by someone else and used maliciously.

'War Driving' is among one of these malicious practices. Individuals who drive through communities in motor vehicles equipped with laptops and high gain antennas "catching" signals from various households' wireless networks are guilty of "War Driving".

Using wireless networking, it is strongly recommended that you should secure it by applying any one of these two encryption methods:

  • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) - Is a wireless networking standard for securing IEEE 802.11 wireless networks otherwise known as Wi-Fi. WEP uses an encryption key for authentication.

  • WPA and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) - Is a type of system used to secure wireless networks (Wi-Fi). It was created to improve on certain shortcomings of WEP. WPA uses a "pass phrase" for authentication.

WPA and WPA2 should be used instead of WEP (if possible) since they offer stronger security for your wireless networking (Wi-Fi).

Your Firewall Protection Guidelines:

  • Use a firewall from a reputable vendor and ensure that it will be able to monitor all your incoming and outgoing traffic and will alert you for permission for this traffic to access your computer.

  • It should be able to hide your presence from intruders/hackers by totally blocking all access to your ports which are used to transmit your information.

  • Make sure that it is properly configured. If it is improperly configured, it will not provide adequate protection and will still make your computer vulnerable for attacks.

  • Select the highest security level for your Internet zone and all programs should be set to prompt you to be able to get access. This should include even programs that you use frequently.

  • Do not allow access to any program until its identity is established as trusted.

  • Your firewall should be able to inspect each individual packet of data.

Final Thoughts …..

A computer firewall is a "must have" for all Internet users. It is your main defense against outside attacks from the Internet. Click here to get cheap computer software firewall.

Having a firewall installed on your computer will help to reduce your risk of being attacked by a hacker. Being connected to the Internet (unfortunately) provides you with the good and the bad.

Hackers are constantly using malicious codes to find unprotected computers. A firewall will help to protect your computer from these hackers.

A firewall along with antivirus software are necessary since they both 'back up' each other.

A firewall will protect your computer from intrusion while antivirus software will help to protect your computer by removing viruses.

You should ensure that your computer firewall is properly set up since this will help to prevent hackers looking for vulnerable computers from finding yours!

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