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Your computer keyboard and mouse (input devices) are the basic parts of your computer system.

The type that you buy should be dependent on how often you use your computer.

If you use your computer occasionally, then basic ones should work for you. But, if you are using it for many hours each day, you should consider getting ergonomic ones.

Ergonomics is the science of adjusting your work environment to fit your body and to make it as comfortable as possible.

Click here for information on Computer Ergonomics.

Using your Keyboard and Mouse

The improper use of these input devices could cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which includes conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis and Tendinitis.

Repetitive Strain Injury is as a result of repeating a motion that puts too much stress on a particular joint of your body. Some causes of computer-related injuries are the placement of these input devices.

Selecting the right Keyboard and Mouse

There is a wide range available online for you to choose from.
Click here to look at some keyboards and mice.


The keyboard is an input device. Selecting a keyboard that is right for you is very important since the incorrect keyboard along with improper usage can cause discomfort and might even result in injury. Click here to look at some cheap computer keyboards.

  • Features:
    The standard keyboard is the 104-key (QWERTY) keyboard. They now come with additional keys for the Internet and other functions. The majority of computers come with the traditional type of keyboard.

  • Design:
    There is a large variety of keyboards with different shapes that you can choose from. The contoured keyboard with its recessed keys allows a more natural placement of your fingers on the keyboard. You should choose the type of keyboard that is most comfortable for you to use.

  • Size:
    Try to get a keyboard that will fit the allowable space on your desktop.

  • Comfort:
    Some keyboards make a 'clicking' sound during typing while others will have a softer touch and the keys are easier to depress. Choose the one that will allow you to type with efficiency and ease.

  • Ergonomic Keyboards:
    The keys on ergonomic keyboards are tilted at a 45-degree angle thus making it possible for you to type and still keep your wrists and forearms in a straight and natural position. I suggest that you invest in one so as to help to prevent wrist injury. Click here to view some.

  • Gaming Keyboards:
    For gaming enthusiasts, there are specialized keyboards. These keyboards have LCD panels and very touch-sensitive keys for fast and accurate gameplay.

    Earlier gaming keyboards were wired to enable faster response and more secure operations when compared to a wireless one that could suffer radio frequency interference.

    As technology improves, wireless gaming keyboards were introduced.

    Regardless of the technological advancement, I still recommend corded keyboards.

    Click here to view some gaming keyboards.


This input device is the most frequently used 'pointing device' in PCs. You should ensure that it is within the natural reach of your arm - no stretching! Constantly reaching for it could result in injury to your shoulder and/or your arm.

Place input device on a flat surface that is just a little lower to the ground than your arm. If when you place your hand on it, your wrist is not higher than your fingers, you could end up with eventual injuries.

There are three types of mice; namely:

  • Mechanical:
    Uses a rubber ball that rolls in all directions. It has mechanical sensors that detect the direction in which the ball rolls and moves the pointer on the screen.

  • Optical:
    Uses a laser to detect movement. Say "goodbye" to cleaning a dirty mouse when you have an optical one! You will not need to be disassembling it continuously to clean it. Because they do not have any rollerball, they do not get clogged with dirt.

    They have no moving parts and offer more precise and quick response than optomechanical and mechanical mice. Subsequently, they cost more.

    Other advantages of this type of input device are:

    • Durability.
    • Works on most surfaces.

  • Optomechanical:
    It is a type of mechanical mouse that uses optical sensors to detect the motion of the rolling ball.

Mice connect to computers in different ways; namely:

  • The serial connection uses the RS-232C serial port.
  • PS/2 (Personal System 2 created by IBM) connection uses the PS/2 port.
  • USB Connection (Universal Serial Bus) uses the USB port.

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Wireless (Cordless) Keyboard and Mouse

There are also cordless (wireless) mice which means they aren't directly connected to the computer but communicates via radio frequency with a receiver connected to the computer.

Generally, they are more expensive than other keyboard and mice and gives more flexibility due to the elimination of the cord.

Keeping your Keyboard, Mouse and Pad Clean

If you want to have your them function properly, you must keep them clean! Dirt and dust will make them malfunction.

Click here to learn how to keep them clean.

Click here to learn Keyboard Shortcuts and use them to help to prevent health risks due to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Final Thoughts...

Having the right keyboard and mouse will greatly improve the overall usability of your computer.

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using cheap computer parts.

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