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Reading Computer Books enhances your knowledge in computer technology.

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These books will give you more technical details relating to the computer.

If you would like to know more about computer technology, I would suggest that you get the books that I have recommended below.

These books are extremely informative and I highly recommend them.

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My Favorite Cheap Computer Books

How Computers Work (9th Edition)

How Computers Work is the definitive illustrated guide to the world of PCs and technology.

In this new edition, you’ll find detailed information not just about every last component of hardware found inside your PC, but also in-depth explanations about home networking, the Internet, PC security and even how cell phone networks operate.

Whether you’re interested in how the latest graphics cards power today’s most demanding games or how a digital camera turns light into data, you’ll find your answers right here. Click here review .

How Computers Work: The Evolution of Technology, 10th Edition (How It works)

How Computers Work: The Evolution of Technology is the definitive illustrated guide to the world of PCs and technology.

This book gives detailed information about how changes in technology have allowed past technology of giant, expensive computers to be replaced by notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc. Click hear to review.

Computers Simplified 7th Edition

The great thing about Computers Simplified is that it explains pretty much everything a new user will wonder about.

I enjoyed reading this book since it gives you an introduction into computer technology and goes in-depth into the various computer applications available.

It explains personal computing technology to the complete 'newbie' but, unlike many books for nervous newbies, this one manages to provide a complete picture without drowning you in details.

Full-color screen shots walk you through each step, and self-contained, two-page lessons make learning a snap. You’ll learn to use different types of computers and software, create documents and use different programs, get online, start using e-mail, and manage your music and digital photos.

It is very simple to read and if you want to get a general idea about Click here to view this informative book .

The Laptop Repair Workbook: An Introduction to Troubleshooting and Repairing Laptop Computers [Paperback]

The Laptop Repair Workbook includes twelve full-page troubleshooting flowcharts for laptop hardware troubleshooting and explanatory text for every decision point.

The book begins with an introduction to basic laptop terminology, troubleshooting procedures and cost decisions.

Along with this book and the laptop's service manual, you will be able to solve most of the problems that you will encounter with your laptop. Click hear to view

This up-to-date, full-color, highly visual guide will walk you through the entire set-up process and then show you how to use the different programs to accomplish common tasks. You'll learn how to:

  • Use Microsoft Windows, Works and Word
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Surf the web
  • Read and write e-mail
  • View and edit digital pictures
  • Download and listen to digital music
  • Add new devices, such as printers and hard drives
  • Perform basic maintenance and security tasks

Having a computer is supposed to be fun, so don't let its size or complexity take the fun out of your experience.

Final Thoughts

Read the above books and gain valuable information regarding computers. Happy reading!

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