Guide to Connecting Computer Power Supply to Motherboard

Step 9: Connect ATX 24/20-Pin Computer
Power Supply Cable to Motherboard

Align the clip of the ATX 24/20-pin connector with the notch in the plug and safely and firmly clip it in place. New motherboards now use the 24-pin connector instead of the 20-pin.

The newer CPUs use an extra 4 or 8-pin 12-volt connector on the motherboard. Ensure that the relevant cable is attached to this connector on the mainboard.

The power supply unit (PSU) converts AC voltage to low voltage regulated DC voltage for the internal components of your PC and they are generally switched-mode power supplies.

Ensure when purchasing a PSU that it provides at least 80% efficiency.

Exercise extreme caution when working inside a power supply unit since electrical shocks can be caused by touching the electrically charged internal capacitors.

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Note: An incorrectly installed connector will 'burn' your computer.
(See Diagram Below)

Computer Power Supply 24-Pin Power Connector

Installation of an ATX 24-Pin Connector

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