Guide to Cheap Computer Video Card Installation

Step 10: Install Computer Video Card

A computer video (graphics) card is also called a video adapter, graphics-accelerator, display adapter and graphics card and it's an expansion card that generates and outputs images to the display.

It has sensitive electronic components so wear an anti-static wrist strap during installation.

You can learn more about Static Electricity here and Click here for an anti-static wrist strap

NOTE: NEVER use a magnetized screwdriver during installation.

Diagram A below shows PCI Express X16 Graphics Adpater Expansion slot.

Video Card Expansion Slot

Graphics Adapter Expansion Slot

Remove the expansion slot cover from the computer case. (See Diagram B below).

Computer Video Card - Expansion Slot Cover

Removal of Expansion Slot Cover from the Computer Case

Most newly manufactured graphics cards now use the PCI Express (X16) technology which replaces the AGP (8X). This new technology produces advanced performance over its predecessor.

Certain motherboards provide extra PCI Express X16 slots to allow more than one graphics adapter to be used in tandem to provide greater overall graphics output. In nVidia's terms, this use of multiple graphics adapter is referred to as SLI and in AMD/ATI's terms, this is referred to as Crossfire.

Video adapters can also be built into the motherboard but this article refers to the discrete or external type.

The card and the slot are keyed so it is impossible to insert the card incorrectly.

To install the graphics adapter, press down firmly and evenly across the top of the adapter until it is securely seated in the PCI-E X16 slot taking care not to damage the card or the slot. (See Diagram C below).

Computer Video Card - Insertion

Graphics Card Insertion

Once the card is property installed, secure it to the computer case using a small screw. (See Diagram D below).

Computer Video Card - Secure to Computer Case

Securing Graphics Card to the Computer Case

Remember to connect the relevant power cable from your power supply to your graphics card if it has an extra external power connector.

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