Guide to Examine Computer Motherboard
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Step 3: Computer Motherboard Examination

Before removing motherboard (mainboard) from box and anti-static packaging, protect it from static electricity by using an anti-static wrist strap.

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  • Remove computer motherboard (mainboard) from box and place it on an anti-static pad making sure to hold it by the edges.Click here for great prices on anti-static products
  • Check to see that the system board is intact and that there are no damaged components.
  • Ensure that the motherboard (mainboard) manual is present and also all mounting hardware - (extremely important!).

The three main motherboards are mini-ITX, micro-ATX and ATX. Lan enthusiasts tend to favor the mini-ITX due to its small size and portability. ATX and micro-ATX are more popular for desktops and workstations.because it is the standard now being used by most computer manufacturers and enthusiasts.

A great number of mini-ITX motherboards are equipped with onboard Wifi.

Browse for a selection of motherboard (mainboards) here.

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