Guide to Computer Case Preparation
Build Your Own Cheap Computer

Step 2: Prepare the Computer Case

Remove the case from the box and examine it for dents or any other visible damage. Ensure that all relevant hardware is present. If everything is O.K., remove the case cover.

Cases come with or without power supply units. If the one you purchased came with a power supply unit, thoroughly inspect unit and cables for defects.

Very Important!:   Ensure that the power output is sufficient to supply the electrical needs of all your components plus approximately 30% extra for safety.

Today's PC components generate a lot of heat so it is paramount that your case is capable of providing effective cooling.

Strategic placing of case fans will greatly enhance cooling and air circulation through your system and so will having the power supply (PSU) mounted at the lower rear of the case. Placing the PSU at the lower rear of the case tends to minimize the heating effect of the power supply.

For a typical chassis (case), this is how I would install my case fans:

  • Front - Two or more 140 mm slow moving low noise for pulling air into the case.
  • Bottom of Case - One 90 mm slow moving for pulling air up into the case for cooling motherboard.
  • Top of Case - One 200 mm slow moving low noise for removing hot air from case.
  • Side Panel - One 120 mm slow moving low noise for pulling air into the case to assist in cooling the video card.
  • Upper Rear - One 120 mm slow moving low noise for removing hot air from the CPU and motherboard out through the rear of the case.

If all of the above requirements are met, use compressed air to remove any dust or debris from the case.

NOTE:  For a powerful gaming PC, ensure that your PSU has the capacity and the proper power connectors to supply the inner components and 'power hungry' video cards.

Last but not least, your case should have sufficient internal and external 5.25 inch, 3.5 and 2.5 inch drive bays; 2.5 inch designated for SSDs.

Your case is now ready for installation of components.

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