Build Your Own Cheap Computer
Guide to Test Run Computer System

Step 14: Test Run Computer System

Test Run Computer System Instructions

This is another step in the Build Your Own Cheap Computer tutorial.

  • Re-boot the system and, during boot-up, check front panel to ensure that all drive lights and power-on light are working properly. If these lights do not work, try reversing the leads on the motherboard.

  • Check hard drive to ensure that it is running properly.

  • Check all fans such as CPU, power supply, case and video card (if it has a fan) to ensure that they are working properly.

  • Check CD-ROM drive/DVD-ROM drive to ensure that it has power by ejecting the DVD tray.

  • Also, check the reset button to verify that it is operational.

It is important when you are building your own computer that you allow your system to run for about 30 minutes to make the following check:

  • Turn off computer and, while using an anti-static wrist strap to protect your computer from static electricity, check CPU and hard drive for excessive temperature.

    They both can be warm to the touch but should never be too hot especially the CPU. If the CPU is too hot, this shows that it requires a better heat sink/fan assembly.

    These temperatures can be monitored by the PC Health feature in your BIOS.

You should protect your computer from static electricity - You can view my Static Electricity Guide here and click here for anti-static bags.

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