Build Your Own Cheap Computer
Guide to Performing
Post Assembly Check

Step 13: Post Assembly Check

Post Assembly Check Instructions

After you build your own cheap computer, you need to perform the following comprehensive evaluation:

  • All drive cables and power cables are properly connected.
  • The CPU heat sink/fan is properly attached and connected to the motherboard.
  • Check to see that the memory modules are firmly seated in their sockets.
  • The Power Supply is properly connected to motherboard.
  • The 110/220V switch is set to the proper voltage for your country.
  • Ensure that video card and sound card are properly installed in slots.
  • No wires or cables are pinched between components.
  • Ensure that there are no screws or metal parts stuck on the Motherboard to cause a short-circuit.
  • Ensure that the peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and monitor are properly connected to computer and power source.

First Time System Boot Up:

It is now the moment of truth! You are now ready to power up your computer.

Plug your A/C power cord into a surge suppressor or, better yet, a UPS backup system. A surge protector will protect your computer from power surges. A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is a backup system which will constantly provide power to your computer system and will also protect it against surges, spikes and brown-outs. If you have a UPS, you do not need a surge protector. Click here to view Surge Protectors and UPS devices.

Click to view my Surge Suppressor/UPS Backup System Guide here.

1, 2, 3 ...... Go! The power to your computer is now on... You hear whirring sounds of fans and see the blinking lights of the drives. After all this, you also hear a single beep and you should see a BIOS screen on the monitor.

The term BIOS means Basic Input Output System and is the software that has all the instructions on how the operating system should communicate with the hardware.

If your post assembly check and first time system boot up were successful, you should now continue with the other steps to complete the Build Your Own Cheap Computer tutorial....

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Build Your Own Cheap Computer tutorial

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