Computer Maintenance Tips

- Part 2 -

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Cheap Computer Maintenance Tips

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Other Important Maintenance Tips

  • Turn off your computer immediately if you hear any unusual sounds coming from the 'guts' of your computer.

    Shut the system down to avoid possible damage to your hard drive and contact an expert.

  • Never re-start your computer immediately after turning it off. Static Electricity could occur because the electrical components will not be fully discharged in the short time.

  • Do not plug or unplug your computer peripherals from your computer whilst it is on since this could cause the shorting of the motherboard or the peripheral.

  • Put in place a regular preventative program.

  • Keep your computer away from dusty and dirty areas since dirt and dust can affect its internal components. Click here for computer compressed air dust remover.

  • Properly shut down your computer to prevent loss or corruption of data on your hard drive.

  • Keep your computer and its peripherals such as diskettes away from magnetic fields. Magnetic fields can delete data from both your hard drive and diskettes.

  • Avoid areas with extreme temperature changes. Keep your computer in an area with a temperature that is comfortable to you.

  • If you will be away for an extended period of time, unplug all your equipment power cables and modem telephone line to prevent possible damage from thunderstorms, etc.

  • Another tip is to set up your computer in an area where it will be safe from heat, water and other environmental hazards.

  • Keep all your software disks that you received with your computer in a very safe and dry place. You will need these disks if you need to reload Windows.

  • Reduce the number of programs that load when you start your computer. They are tieing up your system resoures and memory; thereby slowing down your computer. Check your Windows tray (usually located next to the Windows clock) and close the unnecessary programs shown.


Computer maintenance (with monthly tuneups) can avoid crashes and keep your computer running at maximum performance.

You should also keep a regular schedule of when you have performed your checks.

If you take care of your computer, it will take care of you!

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