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Some cheap computers called Netbooks have gained tremendous popularity because of their portability and price.

These 'junior' versions of notebook PCs are used basically for surfing the net, receiving and sending emails and performing light word processing.

There are a number of manufacturers of these low cost computers namely Acer, ASUS, HP, PC World Advent, MSI and the list goes on........

The popularity of the netbook computer is increasing and now accounts for a significant portion of the portable computer shipments throughout the world. This popularity could be as a result of the economic conditions.

The netbooks are especially good for people who would like easy access to the Internet while 'on the go'.

The increase in sales for these cheap computers could also be due to the fact that some broadband providers have added them as an incentive if a consumer signs up for a two-year plan.

Some of these cheap computers (netbooks) are built with compact hard drives and some are built with solid state memory that operates like storage on a USB flash drive. These solid state drives enable faster access times and, since there are no moving parts, the drive is less susceptible to shock damage; hence a sturdier mobile PC.

The majority of netbooks are fitted with 802.11b/g wireless connectivity.

Most netbook PCs run complete operating systems and can handle almost anything a low-end computer can do.

Some of these little 'darlings' are fitted with built-in Webcams, can browse the Net, perform word processing, play audio files (MP3s) and perform limited tasks in Windows.

Overall, because of these attractive features, they make perfect 'homework' PCs for teenagers.

Netbooks vs. Laptops

Here are some differences between the netbook and laptop computers:

  • Cost: Netbooks are cheaper than laptops.

  • Weight: The present netbook weighs between 2 - 3 pounds whilst the laptop could weigh as much as 9 lbs.

  • Screen Size: The netbook is now up to approximately 10.2 inches whilst some laptop screens are now up to 18 inches.

  • CPU: The netbooks presently use the Intel Atom whilst the laptop uses much more powerful CPUs including the Intel mobile Core i7 CPU.

  • Battery Life: Most netbooks have a battery life of up to 9 hours vs. the older model laptops with up to 4 hours. However, with advanced technology, the newer model laptops are now claiming up to 12 hours.

  • CD/DVD Drives (Optical Drives): Netbooks do not have internal CD and dvd drives but the majority of laptops come with CD/DVD drives. If you want a CD/DVD drive for your netbook, you have to purhase an external one.

    Typical Netbook Specifications

    Here are typical specifications for a netbook; although, depending on the manufacturer, the netbook specifications could vary:

    • Weight - Up 3 lbs
    • CPU - Intel Atom Processor 1.60 - 1.66GHz.
    • Graphics - Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset.
    • Memory - 1GB - 2 GB.
    • Storage - 160GB - 250 GB hard drive.
    • Screen - Up to 10.2 inch widescreen.
    • Resolution - 1024 x 600.
    • OS - Windows 7 Starter Edition.
    • Connectivity - 802.11b/g wireless, Bluetooth.
    • Extras - 1.3 megapixel Webcam, 3xUSB2.0 connections, Network port, Card reader.

    Cheap Computers - Final Thoughts

    Why a netbook? If you are someone who travels a lot and would like to keep up with reading your emails and other simple internet-based activity, the netbook is for you!

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