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The printer is an important and much used computer output device. The majority of them that are on the market today are color inkjets and monochrome lasers.

They have also become much better and cheaper over the years and you can create good quality documents from a cheap one.

It is necessary for producing a paper copy of information generated by a computer.

The laser and inkjet are now the two leading printing technologies on the market today with the inkjet seeing more technological advancement.

The cost of owning and maintaining a printer, including ink has decreased thanks to technological advancements. Don't pay Full Price! Get Inkjet Cartridges HALF OFF here!

The differences between the inkjet and the laser are becoming unnoticeable

They both produce sharp images with the major differences being print quality, price and speed. You can browse a range of very good printer prices here. icon


An Inkjet is mostly used for home, home office and small business.

Although slower than a Laser, their prices are more affordable. Inkjets are more versatile and they can output anything from spreadsheets and memos to brochures and photos.

They are exceptionally good at producing professional and inexpensive color documents such as newsletters - with lots of graphics. Click here to view inkjets at very good prices. icon


If you intend to be continuously producing a reasonable volume of documents, a laser would be your best choice.

A laser is faster than an inkjet and, eventually, will be more economical since the cost will be less per page. Browse a range of laser printers here icon

An Inkjet versus a Laser

  • A laser is perfect for sharing among many users whereas an inkjet is best suited for use by a single computer.

  • A laser can also handle a heavier workload than an Inkjet.

  • An Inkjet will give a higher resolution when producing color photos but the cost would become very expensive for high volume output.

Should you buy a Color Laser Printer?

  • The cost of operating a color laser versus a monochrome will be too expensive for high volume work.

  • Some documents done in color look a lot better than black and white. Reading graphs and graphics printed in black and white is difficult since there is not enough contrast.

  • I would recommend that you get a monochrome laser as your main printing device with limited usage to a color laser.

If you are interested in Digital Photography, you should get a Photo Printer

  • After taking pictures with your digital camera, if you want them to look professional and you will be making the copies yourself, a photo printer might be a viable option.

  • They are relatively more costly than an average color Inkjet and use a special inkjet photo cartridge which is designed to provide better halftones in order to reproduce photos.

  • To produce the crispest images, you will need to buy premium quality photo paper.

  • High quality paper and the special ink cartridge are more costly.

  • They do a better job at reproducing detail and many of them come with media card readers which allow the printing of photographs directly from your digital camera.

  • Unless you need the extras, a standard color inkjet is capable of producing reasonable photographs.

Inkjet Cartridge & Toners

Inkjet Cartridges:
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Laser Toner Cartridge:
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