Build Your Own Cheap Computer
Guide to Configuring
Motherboard Bios

Step 15: Configure Motherboard BIOS

This step is no longer done in such detail as was required in older computers. Only a minor BIOS configuration might be required when installing the operating system if after loading the operating system disk, setup does not automatically start on re-boot. In this case, you would need to enter the BIOS and enable the DVD-ROM drive as the first boot device.

To enter the BIOS setup screen, it is necessary to press a key or series of keys to interrupt the normal boot sequence. This is dependent on the type of BIOS - be it AMI, Phoenix or Award.

Most often, the system indicates which key to press to activate the BIOS setup during the POST but, if not, check your motherboard manual for information on which key(s) to press for entering your BIOS.

Common keys used to enter the BIOS setup are F1, F2, F10, ESC, INS and DEL.

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